The Strategies Abita Will Employee to Push New 19.2 Offerings

Abita recently shared with Brewer that it has seen great movement in sales for its stovepipe packaging and is making a move to expand on that with new varieties.

Already the top-selling 19.2-ounce can in its home state of Louisiana with its AndyGator brand, an 8% Helles Doppelbock, Abita VP of Marketing, Heidi Guerra said that building on that success is a key for the coming year.

“Abita has had 19.2s in the C-store channel for quite a few years now and we have seen tremendous success from that format with AndyGator,” she said. “The taller cans allow us to stand out on the shelves, which helps pique a consumer’s interest. It’s also convenient as a grab-and-go option and for a consumer who is looking for more than a 12-ounce can but doesn’t want to buy a large pack or a multipack.

“By utilizing 19.2oz cans, we can leverage the taller cans for more visual appeal, the value of the purchase, and convenience.”

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For the first time in its history, Abita will focus on building a brand family around its Gator beers, offering a mixed 12-pack of high-ABV beers featuring AndyGator, StrawGator (Strawberry Doppelbock 8% ABV) and AlphaGator (Imperial IPA 9% ABV).

The brewery will release all three brands with refreshed packaging in 19.2s as well.

“As we expand more brands into the 19.2 space this gives us the ability to tap into a new audience demographic by appealing to customers who seek variety and value in beer purchases,” Guerra said. “The larger can size is perfect for occasions beyond traditional beer settings, such as events, outdoor venues, or places where convenience is critical when a larger can will make the drinking experience more enjoyable.”

Guerra stressed that they needed to make sure that the brewery used established brands in those settings so they could capitalize on the brand recognition for fans that are already familiar with those offerings.

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