Strategies to Succeed at a Beer Fest

It’s only February, but the planning for multiple beer festivals is either ongoing or on its way for your brewery.

Just like a good label design, standing out in the crowd can be important as well. That can go from who is there representing your brand; what your space looks like; what you are pouring and even what is available for consumers to remember you by.

Iowa’s Peace Tree Brewing told Brewer recently that it will look at sales and top accounts in the festival’s area to see how best to support them, or even know if the event is worth being a part of said Marketing Director Mike Benson.

Peace Tree has a core set of beers that it brings to events, but Benson said they will tweak that line-up occasionally.

​”There are a couple beers that do great in Nebraska, so we try to bring them to make people happy,” he said. ”We almost always dictate what beer we bring. Promoters usually don’t try to tell us what to bring, and if they did, we would listen but not necessarily change.

”It can also depend on what beers the local distributor has in stock.”

Peace Tree has also rolled out a brand ambassador program that helps train folks from outside the brewery about the brewery’s beers so that they can work festivals and sampling events independently​ should a need arise where in-house or other support staff ​​are unavailable​.

”This helps us in outlying areas of the state which may otherwise be a several-hour round trip for a staff member,” Benson said. “We’ve certainly become more particular about what events to do.​”​

Sometimes promoters ask Angel City Brewery for a particular style, or the set up of the festival dictates it – i.e. “Rare and Wild Beer Fest” – but most promoters leave the beer selection up to the brewery, said Dan Shapiro.

​When it comes to how to look, Angel City said that wooden jockey box covers are a great way to give the look and feel of a built-in bar in a much more portable package.​

Crooked Stave​’s​ custom, reclaimed wood jockey box cover usually accompanies ​the Colorado brewery’s jockey box to any festival where they are used.

​”​We also have a custom can/ice bin made from an old barrel if we are pouring packaged beer instead of draught​,” said Jennifer Wolinski, Marketing Manager.

​Peace Tree brings as much swag for sale as is available, such as shirts and glasses.

“We will give away stickers and postcards — relatively inexpensive items,” Benson said.

When possible ​Wolinski said Crooked Stave likes to offer koozies, extra labels, and stickers.

​”​We will set up our space with branded tents, table cloths, and banners​,” she added.​

And finally, protect yourself and know the rules. Yes, most festivals follow your state’s laws, but it’s always better to know what your brand is responsible for in terms of liability.

​See what Beall Brewery Insurance says about how to protect your brand at a festival: ​Keeping the Festive in Your Beer Festival​.​

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