N. Carolina’s Fullsteam Brewery to Serve Up Denver-Inspired Beer After Super Bowl Loss

fullsteam brewery

To the losers go the spoils?

Fullsteam Brewery will be selling “Dab Those Tears,” a Denver-inspired beer after the Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.

A bet made between the Denver-based Spangalang Brewery and the Durham, North Carolina-based brewery ended up with Fullsteam having to sell a beer that Spangalang gave direction in making. “Dab Those Tears” will be a Pale Ale enhanced with a few Colorado ingredients: Pueblo chilies, two-row malt from Colorado Malting, and some Colorado-grown whole-cone Chinook hops. It’s based off a Pale Ale that Spangalang co-founder Austin Wiley said has been made at the brewery.

“Both breweries were in the mindset of not being spiteful,” said Fullsteam owner Sean Lilly Wilson. “It has to sell and be something that we will want to enhance the customer experience. It’s not about us, it’s about the customer. A pepper beer is fun for us. We don’t do them normally so it’s going to stand out and be distinct, so we are happy to do it despite the loss.”

Fullsteam is making a small batch of 10 gallons and Lilly Wilson joked that maybe to speed up sales, they could offer the beer for a quarter when it becomes available in March.

“It’s a small batch for us and it is all in good fun,” he said. “By the time it goes on, people won’t be avoiding it. We are all grownups in all this and Spangalang has been wonderful to work with. Sports may divide us, but beer brings us all together.”

Sales will hopefully be brisk for the Fullsteam crew because a Broncos flag will have to stay up until the beer is gone. Not exactly a way to welcome Panther fans to the brewery after a 24-10 Denver victory over the Charlotte-based team for the NFL crown.

“It might go on the roof. Seems like a logical place. No one has been up there since we opened,” Lilly Wilson joked. “Maybe we’ll put it where folks can’t see it. I’m kidding. We’ll do our part. We might put a little disclaimer up: ‘This is the result of a bet. We lost.'”

When given the opportunity to gloat in the victory, Wiley brushed it aside. “I like to think the city of Denver is above gloating,” he said. “It was a great game between two great teams. But let’s be honest, Von Miller has a much better smile than Cam Newton. At least we know Cam won’t have any trouble dabbing those tears.”

FullsteamOther North Carolina breweries are in the same boat as losers of bets made with Colorado breweries. Charlotte’s Triple C’s loss may be the most painful after making a strange bet with Aurora, Colorado’s CODA Brewing. A Triple C employee will be getting a Broncos tattoo etched onto their body.

A second wager Triple C lost isn’t as steep as it made a bet with Denver’s Baere Brewing over a case of beer. The two have a similar named IPA, so Baere will put down its C3IPA and enjoy a case of Triple C’s 3C IPA instead.

Charlotte’s Sycamore Brewing will be quaffing beer, but not from the winning brewery, Lone Tree Brewing. Instead, Sycamore will be sporting Broncos colors while having a few Coors Banquet beers.

Coors won the gold medal over both breweries at last year’s Great American Beer Festival in the American Lager category.

Sycamore also has to make a donation to a horse rescue, in honor of the Denver mascot.

NoDa Brewing in Charlotte lost to Denver’s Strange Craft Beer Co. prompting the Charlotte brewery’s owner Todd Ford to sport a Peyton Manning jersey for a day while Strange Craft employees will get to sip on some of NoDa’s award winning beers, including Hop Drop ‘N Roll IPA and CoCo Loco Porter.


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