Why 2 Towns Added Hard Tea to its Lineup

The 2 Towns Ciderhouse umbrella continues to grow, with the Pacific Northwest Cidery’s most recent brand being an entry into the Hard Tea category.

The new brand — TeaREX Killer Tea — recently debuted with two varieties: Original Black Tea and Honey and Lemon Black Tea and Honey. 

The new line of beverages is the fourth in the 2 Towns line, which debuted Craftwell Cocktails earlier this year. Both beverages in the new line are 8% ABV.

“Market research points to an increased demand for hard tea as a preferred ready-to-drink beverage,” Marketing Director Danelle Kronmiller said. “We saw an opportunity to tap into this growth category that fits our core competencies: Create a great tasting, premium beverage using real fruit ingredients crafted in the PNW. We also saw the opportunity to develop a brand that was really fun and could both make fun of itself a bit while also delivering a great craft beverage.”

That fun came in the form of the new brand’s signature Tyrannosaurus Rex clad in a top hat and a slurry of superlatives employing “dino” as an adjective.

“Needless to say, it’s been a challenge to create a gentlemanly dino but we’ve had a blast with this brand,” Kronmiller said. “We have a great team to tackle new brands like this and it is true that all new brands offer their own challenges, but at the same time fits right in line with what we are well versed in as a company; sourcing high quality ingredients and leveraging fermentation techniques we have honed over the past decade of pushing boundaries in craft. 

“Our R&D lab was challenged with experimenting with new ingredients and processes but their desire to learn and experiment with new products fits our company culture of innovation. We welcome the challenge as it keeps us on our toes as we continue to learn and try new things.”

2 Towns expects some crossover with its cider fans, but hopes to attract new customers.

“We know that folks are willing to try new craft products from brands that they trust,” Kronmiller said. “But we also expect to attract new customers — ones looking for that perfect porch sipper that is locally made with a higher ABV, high quality ingredients, and no shortcuts.”

TeaREX Killer Tea is available in 12-ounce cans through distributors in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado.

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