International Insights: Brook Hornung, Moon Dog Craft Brewery

International Insights is a continuing series of Q&As with brewing members, but this time branching outside of the US and into the rest of the world.

In this series, Brewer will share personal insights from international breweries each week about the craft beer market in other countries, where those brewers get their inspiration, and how the market compares to craft beer in the US.


Brook Hornung, Marketing Manager, Moon Dog Craft Brewery — Australia

BREWER: What can you tell me about the craft beer market in your country? How has the market evolved throughout the past few years?
HORNUNG: Craft beer in Australia has been on a steep and steady rise over the last five years in particular. When we started 10 years ago craft beer in Australia was mostly about Pale Ales and the occasional IPA, where as now Sours, fruited beers and barrel-aged beers are common place. While we’re still a little bit behind the US, the gap is certainly closing very quickly!

BREWER: What are the most popular styles in your area?
HORNUNG: There’s no doubt the Juicy IPA is still massively popular. We have also seen a huge increase in sales of Sours, in particular fruited Sours. Outside of these specific styles it’s exciting to see people willing to push their boundaries and be open to more unique blends of styles and flavours. 

BREWER: What can you tell me about your distribution footprint?
HORNUNG: Moon Dog has a national sales team within Australia which is about to tick over 25 reps. We distribute through the major chains here and have a strong hold with the independent bottle shops as well. We also have a dedicated export agent, which now sees our beers being consumed in over 20 countries.

 BREWER: Where do you get your inspiration when tackling new beers?
HORNUNG: We are always looking for new and creative beer styles, ingredients or stories to tell. Moon Dog will bring out 26 different beers this year — so we’re always looking to be creative, innovative and have fun with our releases.

BREWER: How is your brewery innovative?
HORNUNG: We’re currently moving into our new 100 hectolitre brewery — a big upgrade. This new facility will allow us to produce around 10 million litres of beer per year and comes with plenty of fancy gadgets for the brewery team to play around with.

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