Band, Brewery Rock Out Again in Collaboration Effort

After a successful collaboration and dual-marketing effort in early 2017, the Boston-based Aeronaut Brewing team with fellow Bostonites, The Lights Out, have continued to work together to promote each other’s beer along with a new album release.

T.R.I.P., the band and brewery’s first collaboration, took on an issue plaguing the music industry for decades, reintroduced the tactile element to new music discovery that’s vanished in the digital age, used technology to solve a problem technology created and turned the beer aisle into the next record store.

​”We wanted our respective audiences to cross pollinate and consider the pairing of music and beer,” said Aeronaut co-founder Ben Holmes to Brewer in a previous interview.​

​The album​ sold thousands of units, drew national coverage in culture, lifestyle, music, business, beer, food, beverage, technology, design, packaging, science and art media, and generated news as far away as Russia, Finland and Thailand.

The can was created in a way that those consumers that want to get the music can follow instructions from the ​Session IPA ​can to receive a link to stream or download the project.

Now the​ duo is back with Night Vision, a new collection of songs and a ​Black IPA to match it.

Where T.R.I.P. used a hashtag on the beer label to trigger responses from the band’s Twitter account with an album link, Night Vision will use a Spotify code on the label, scannable within the Spotify app, sending users directly to the music.

“Aeronaut is the first brewery to serve as a record label for multiple releases from a band​,” said The Lights Out guitarist Adam Ritchie​. ​”​Last time, we went to them. This time, they came to us. That says a lot about their commitment to the arts.”

Night Vision will appear in two forms: on an Aeronaut beer called X-Ray Night Vision, which will contain a limited edition of the digital album featuring artwork by Raul Gonzalez III, followed by a hard copy expanded edition of the album, titled Night Vision.

The beer ​was released on Saturday, December 8. The hard copy of the album will be released on Friday, January 4.

​Holmes said the brewers were the first people outside the band to hear ​the record​.

“It guided our approach to this beer,” ​he said.​ Holmes added that when ​they showed the band the beer label art, ​The Lights Out created a special track order to underscore the story told on the illustration.

​”​That’s a collaborative feedback loop​,” he said​​.​ ​”​This project celebrates the boundless power of simple ingredients to create sensory journeys at new frontiers.”

​Ritchie said what makes this collaboration so special is these aren’t just tribute beers; they’re the album.

​”​We might still be the only musicians and brewers approaching studio albums this way​,” he said.​

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