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For nearly a decade, Your Brand Cafe has offered small volume, custom-printed cups and sleeves for craft brewers, restaurants, coffee houses and other service-related businesses. Your Brand Cafe provides a select inventory of high quality branded products, one of the most popular of which is the custom-printed clear plastic beer cups. Available in sizes from 3 ounce to 24 ounce, these shatterproof cups can be printed on in up to three colors and can be purchased by the thousand, with quantity discounts available.

Plastic Beer Cups for Breweries

Company-branded plastic beer cups are a superb method of increasing brand recognition and awareness throughout your clientele. Plastic beer cups can be used at events, bars, restaurants, and other nightlife venues. Beer cups are often carried throughout the night, while individuals are talking and mingling, and are thus able to improve customer retention and heighten brand awareness. Branded beer cups will also be flowing through the hands of those within the industry — servers, bartenders and even buying agents — thereby improving your saturation within the local service market.

For breweries especially, an assortment of plastic beer cups can be used to showcase specific products or advertise the brewery itself. Plastic beer cups are shatter resistant, making them safe to use in larger, open spaces. The transparency of the cup makes it easier for patrons to appreciate the color and quality of the beer. With recyclable and compostable options available, plastic beer cups can also be used to support a brewery’s eco-friendly commitment to the local community and environment.

Breweries can use their branded cups at events such as food truck gatherings, fairs and fundraisers — anywhere that it would be more beneficial to have disposable cups rather than glassware. They can also be used for special promotional nights or Happy Hour events, when a significant number of inexpensive drinks may be sold in a short amount of time.

The Versatility of Plastic Beer Cups

There’s always a place for plastic beer cups. Restaurants and bars can use them to highlight the quality of their beer, while events and festivals can utilize them both for convenience and to advertise their sponsors. Plastic beer cups can even be used to advertise upcoming events at current events, thereby leveraging the attention of their already captured clientele. Finally, beer vendors and specialty drink vendors, such as coffee companies, can utilize strategically offered plastic cups to increase demand for their products. Plastic cups don’t have to be limited to the service industry either; they can advertise any service or product at events like seminars and conferences.

The Appeal of Company Branded Cups

A memorable plastic cup will make an immediate impression the second it slides into a consumer’s hands. Companies which distribute their liquors can offer their custom branded cups to those who stock their product, further increasing brand recognition throughout multiple venues and widening their potential customer base. For niche and local breweries, this type of outreach can be essential to a marketing campaign. Branded cups can even be used to increase the recognition of a very specific product — such as a seasonal brew — by utilizing them during promotional events.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Compared to many other branded products, the plastic cups offered by Your Brand Cafe are extraordinarily inexpensive. They require only a single material — high quality PET plastic — and can be quickly produced and printed, making them an effective solution for events that are on a strict timeline and budget. They are also very easy to ship and move, because they are lightweight and stackable. Consequently, they can be brought even to distant events.

Your Brand Cafe’s clear plastic beer cups offer an extraordinary branding opportunity for any brewery or service-related business. Plastic cups are cost-effective and versatile, and they can be tailored to any company’s branding and style. In addition to clear plastic cups, Your Brand Cafe offers a boutique selection of high quality branded merchandised, including paper cups, hot cups, and sleeves. Contact Your Brand Cafe today to find out more about marketing merchandise!

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