What’s In A Beer’s Name May Hold Success to Sales

Sometimes, changing or making a small shift to the identity of a brewery’s product may help shape a consumer’s image of that product, which could translate into more sales.

Introduced in March of 2012, Rodeo Rye Pale Ale rolled off the line and rolled off the tongue for consumers of the product put out by Payette Brewing.

But the Boise, Idaho brewery announced at the end of May that the spring seasonal, which was released in cans in 2014, will get a name change this year, removing the rye branding and switching it to Rodeo Citra Pale Ale as the beer now will be a year-round offering.

“The recipe includes rye grain in the grist bill which gets combined with Crystal and our base malt, Pale, which weakens the spicy and sour-like characteristics often found in rye beers,” the brewery stated. “It is not a predominantly rye beer, but a portion of the recipe includes rye, hence the style name it originally got.”

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Rodeo has made it as a top favorite amongst the Payette team and consumers, mostly because of Citra.

“The Citra hops in Rodeo provide the distinctive citrus characteristics we all love and has proven to be the beer’s quintessential quality,” the brewery said. “That said, we decided to change the displayed style on the can to read more appropriately as, Citra Pale Ale. The bottom line is that it is the same great beer with the exact same recipe Rodeo has always been, but more accurately titled.”

Consumers spoke, and Payette listened, adding the beer to shelves in 6-packs, 8-packs, 12-packs, and draft.

“A few months a year with this delicious beer just wouldn’t cut it for us,” the brewery said of the 4 percent ale. “It was a great beer in our seasonal rotation, but [it] deserves a longer lifespan.”

As Rodeo becomes part of the brewery’s year-round lineup, it will follow suit with the rest of its year-rounder and be released in white cans as well.

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