Brewer Magazine Hop Q&A: Sabro

BREWER: ​What styles of beers have you used Sabro in? Can you tell us an interesting beer you have used Sabro in?
A ​P​ale SM​a​SH with pale malt from Rahr. I also used a small amount as part of a ​Wheat IPA. The most interesting to me was getting a full impression of that hop in the SM​a​SH beer.​ – ​Nathan Hukill, River’s Edge — Milford, Michigan​

​BREWER: ​What sets Sabro apart from other similar hops?
Sabro is very different from all other hops as you get this sweet Pina Colada flavor. In both beers we used it in, they displayed a huge ​coconut flavor when using it in the whirlpool. It’s a great buddy hop. The ​coconut flavor in Sabro would support all ​citrus/tropical flavors. ​- Jeremy Pryes, Pryes Brewing — Minneapolis​

​BREWER: ​Are there any technical challenges or tips you have for using Sabro for someone that hasn’t used it yet?
Deciding what ​percentage​ of your hop blend you want to dedicate to it​. ​As always, it depends on what you’re blending with Sabro in terms of what’s going to stand up to it v​ersus​ what won’t​.​ ​It’s a learning process.​ – Jeremiah Zimmer, Hop Butcher For The World​ — Chicago​​

BREWER: ​What flavors did you expect … and didn’t expect from Sabro? How did you use them to your advantage or have to alter the idea of the beer?
I first encountered Sabro at a past CBC and was blown away. The reps there, of course, touted the hop’s well-known juicy attributes, but what I didn’t realize until we used the hop was just how expressive and complex this hop is. Often times muddled can be mistakenly perceived as complex. Sabro is complex but with very distinct, discernible attributes on many different levels throughout drinking experience. ​​We knew exactly what to do with Sabro! We put it in the whirlpool and dry hopped with it to take advantage of Sabro’s high oil content and juiciness!​ – Nick Shadle​, Indiana City — Indianapolis​

​BREWER: ​Do you have any ‘out of the box’ ideas for Sabro that you want to share?
I feel that there is a ton of exploration for this hop, not only in ways​ ​to complement the coconut character but also to play with the woody,​ ​gin-like character. Gin and Juice,​ ​Pina Colada, all come to mind.​ – Jason Thompson​, ​Calusa Brewing​ — Sarasota, Florida

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