Walnut River Brewing’s May Release: Plum My Lady

Walnut River Brewing Company is excited to announce its May release: Plum My Lady.

This kettle soured offering is packed with plums and brings a nice tartness along for the ride. Great for warm weather, Plum My Lady refreshes and rejuvenates as you head outdoors to chase butterflies. Try it – it’ll make you go crazy!

“I know summer is quickly approaching when we start releasing sours,” said BJ Hunt, Director of Business Operations and co-owner. “I love the tartness of Plum My Lady. It gets you right in the jowls!”

“Fruit and beer can be a tricky combination,” said Rick Goehring, Head Brewer and co-owner. “If you don’t get it right, cans start exploding in people’s trunks on a hot day! We take a lot of care to make sure we get it right.”

“I’ve been totally surprised just how popular sours are,” said Ben Wheeler, Director of Marketing at Walnut River Brewing Company. “Whether it’s our restaurant in Wichita or the Taproom here in El Dorado, people will just come in and ask, ‘What sours do you have?’ Plum My Lady never disappoints that crowd!”

“I love a good plum,” said Travis Rohrberg, Director of Quality Control and Distribution and co-owner. “I think it’s totally delicious and kind of flies under the radar a bit. This beer definitely hits the spot on a hot summer day. I think I’ll have one right now.”

“Oh man, this is definitely a fan favorite,” said Jay Sanderson, Director of Sales. “I don’t know how many people have told me that this is their favorite of all the sours that are out there. It just hits the right balance of flavor and tartness. It’s soooo good!”

Want to give it a try? Stop by the Walnut River Brewing Taproom at 111 W. Locust in El Dorado or PourHouse ICT in Wichita. Both places will have it on tap and in the beer cooler to go. Day Pass will also be available state-wide wherever Walnut River Brewing is sold. Like we said – try it, it’ll make you go crazy!

Plum My Lady

  • Style: Kettled Sour
  • ABV: 5.9%
  • IBU: 11

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