Lakewood Live 2 Debuts: Matcha-Infused Lager

Lakewood Brewing is pleased to announce the second release of its 2021 music-inspired limited series, Lakewood Live.

“Who’s ready for some live music?!” said Wim Bens, Founder and President. “We’re huge music fans at Lakewood and we’ve been yearning for some live music during the pandemic. That lead to us making a music-centric series celebrating all genres of beer and music.”

Bens explained the three beers in the series each celebrate a distinct musical style. The current release, Lakewood Live Vol. 2, is an Imperial rice Lager brewed with green, pillowy pounds of imported matcha. The matcha pairs beautifully with the crispness of a full-bodied lager, both uniting to deliver a truly sublime sip that delivers on Lakewood’s promise of Seriously Fun Beer.

“I’ve always wanted to take a shot at an imperial lager,” says Justin Hatley, Innovation Brewer at Lakewood Brewing. “I never liked ones I’ve had in the past as they can come off as too sweet. Even if we’re clocking in at 7% ABV, I still want it to drink like a smooth, crisp lager. When the idea of a matcha beer came up I knew I had the right beer in mind. With the addition of Loral and Meridian hops, it’s a delightful floral lager. My only regret is it isn’t green!”

Lakewood Live Vol. 2 will also be launching alongside an official Spotify playlist curated by the Lakewood Brewing staff. Perfect for pumping up the party or mellowing out after a long, hot day, look for Lakewood Live Vol.2 in cans and on draft wherever craft beer is sold.

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