Fair State to Debut Collaboration with 3 Floyds

On December 2, Fair State Brewing Cooperative will release Partying Past Burning Bridges, a collaboration with 3 Floyds Brewing of Munster, Indiana. Partying Past Burning Bridges is a 6.66% ABV dip-hopped IPA with Zeus, Comet, Sultana, Idaho 7 hops.

Jerrod Johnson, Director of Brewing Operations for Fair State Brewing Cooperative and Todd Haug of 3 Floyds have a shared history of both friendship and brewing expertise. Johnson worked under Haug for ten years when Todd was Head Brewer at Surly Brewing Company. Johnson then took the helm as Co-Head Brewer when Haug left Surly for 3 Floyds. Johnson and Haug are also both Rock Bottom Brewing alumni. Throughout these transitions, Haug and Johnson remained good friends. Creating a collaboration brew together has been a high priority, and both are thrilled to announce that has now come to fruition.

Partying Past Burning Bridges is the brainchild of Haug and Johnson. It’s an IPA, but far from one either brewer has ever created. The novelty of this IPA comes from using specialty malts, maintaining a dry flavor profile, and using the innovative Japanese dip hopping technique. Dip hopping occurs post-whirlpool but before the introduction of yeast and maximizes the floral and citrus aromas. In the case of Partying Past Burning Bridges, the beer was dip hopped with entirely Minnesota-grown hops.

According to Johnson, the name “Partying Past Burning Bridges” is a metaphor for life. Johnson explains that “it’s about not clinging to negative experiences and instead approaching each moment with resilience, equanimity, and joy. We can cling and sink, run the ship ashore to face perceived injustices. Alternatively, we can keep floating down the river, celebrating what we have. It is good to have friends to reconnect and collaborate, to have a boat party, despite the world burning around us”.

The beer will serve as a reminder to us all the beer can be bitter, have balanced malt character, and still be wildly delicious. Partying Past Burning Bridges will be available beginning December 2, 2019 and will reach markets in Minnesota, Wisconsin, California, North and South Dakota, Pennsylvania, New York and Japan.

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