Tips for Upping Your Social Media Game on Instagram

Connecting with consumers via social media is a norm now. Sharing your brewery’s story and engaging on a more personal level is almost expected. Making your brewery standout, just like on a shelf is a new challenge for breweries and giving a voice to each social media platform is also a part of the equation.

Brittany Statt, the Marketing Director for Rohrbach Brewing is the sole manager of the New York brewery’s Instagram account and other social media.

“It works to have one person dedicated to the job in order to keep the brand messaging and person a consistent,” she said. “I do encourage staff members to send me photos for social use, which helps when I can’t be everywhere at once.”

BREWER: Have you “stepped up” your photo taking game? Does it matter to you?

STATT: Yes, we have stepped up our photo-taking game! I think it is so important. It is a reflection of your brand. If you post a sloppy, poorly taken photo, what else in your business is sloppy? We have a high-quality camera that I often use for social media, and we even bring in a photographer for occasional photo shoots which helps build a “bank” of great photos to pull from. A great photo is far more likely to catch someone’s eye as they are rapidly scrolling through their feed.

BREWER: What sort of engagement do you get from consumers via this platform?

STATT:  Instagram is definitely growing for us. We get great interaction from both consumers and our accounts alike. I like to repost photos from accounts of ours — it’s a great way to support their business and thank them for having us on tap.

BREWER: Do you have a strategy to help leverage your posts into marketing tools?

STATT: I view Instagram as a strong marketing tool in itself. I don’t like to use Hootsuite or an auto-post social media tool because it is still manageable for me to do and I think the use of each channel is very different. Instagram is highly visual, less informational. It is more “real-time” than Facebook; I would even say I view it more as a behind-the-scenes look into our business than other platforms. I’m far more likely to post a goofy, personal photo of a brewer on Instagram than use it in an ad or even put on Twitter.

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