Creating Cohesion on Your Brewery’s Instagram Feed

Capturing and delivering strong Instagram content can be important in forming a brand identity for your brewery, but while looking good counts, so can being organized and cohesive in your look.

There needs to be a system that you follow, or more importantly, that someone else who touches your brand and who’s less familiar with it also follows.

Brand Strategist Phil Pallen shared at the Sell More Beer Conference hosted by Zephyr on ways to look and be cohesive in achieving that branding prowess.

“Yes, photography is important. Yes, you should have a consistent filter. And ideally, it’s high-quality photos that you’re posting instead of just lifting from somewhere online,” he said. “Photography is a huge part but looking cohesive is typically an indication of how organized you are as a business. Your brand should help, not hinder your efforts.”

Pallen said to try experimenting with post types.

“Very early in 2020 I started to post more text on feed,” he said. “Now my top-performing posts are text, and actually more so than just my face. So experiment with different post types, we’re seeing a lot of graphic elements beyond just photos or sliders. Try posting something you haven’t posted yet. And keep trying to find out what your audience responds to.”

He added that you should create parameters for your brand to thrive. For Pallen, who brands himself on Instagram, he has a rotation of posts as a guide.

“I post photos of me every other time and then between that I post text or videos,” he said, showcasing that variety can draw an eye. Every 9th post he showcases his clients.

“It reminds me to remind my audience what I do for a living, which is designing brands,” he said. “What this does is it creates a visual pattern on my feet, it looks organized, it looks intriguing. And ideally, people are interested in what I’m doing and it converts them to want to follow me and want to be a part of what I’m creating.”

The same can be said for a brewery. Mixing it up beyond product shots can be vital. Using those every other time can be mixed in with video of employees at work; text reviews of a classic beer in the portfolio; a gallery of safety protocols along with general fun posts a tad outside the realm of beer can engage an audience as well.

This can all be planned out and worked on in a single day, Pallen noted.

“Plan your posts ahead of time instead of wasting an hour every morning thinking, ‘Okay, what am I going to post today?’ I’d rather you take two or three hours once a week and plan your entire week,” he said. “Once you sit down and focus you can bang it all out in one session. “It’s highly recommended because we as busy human beings get pulled in a lot of directions.

“Plan ahead of time. Also have more than one brand color, have three … or if you have one, use variations of that color because it’ll give some visual variety.”

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