The Steps Ponysaurus is Making to Open Second Location

Plans are on track for Ponysaurus Brewing to open a second location as the Durham, North Carolina brewery is working on a new downtown Wilmington, North Carolina restaurant spot.

Ponysaurus—Wilmington will feature a pizzeria and terraced garden restaurant with plans to open in the summer.

The brewery shared with Brewer insights into the new location and how it planned to open.

BREWER: How will the new location be alike to your home base and what are you bringing to make it unique?
PONYSAURUS: The Ponysaurus Brewing Co. Wilmington location will feature our flagship and seasonal beers as well as pizza. The space itself will be tailored to the Wilmington community with extensive indoor seating and bar space as well as a uniquely distinct beer garden.

BREWER: What sort of research and internal discussion was done to pick Wilmington as your next location?
PONYSAURUS: We fell in love with the hospitality community in downtown Wilmington. We wanted to expand outside of the Triangle and found that Wilmington was the perfect fit.

BREWER: Why do you feel having a kitchen on-site is a key growth driver for a brewery?
PONYSAURUS: Allowing our guests to not only enjoy a pint but also have great food elevates the entire experience.

BREWER: How is this new spot changing your growth plans for production? Do you feel it will make changes in other areas, like distribution or retail/chain plans?
PONYSAURUS: We are planning on brewing more beer in our current production facility to support this new location. We already self-distribute to Wilmington and hope to connect with more bars and bottle shops to have our beers poured throughout the city.

BREWER: What sort of pitfalls do you plan for during the process of build-out (expected delays and costs, etc.)? How do you prepare and put foresight into it?
PONYSAURUS: We know that there are supply chain issues associated with the pandemic and are working to adjust for these anticipated delays. We have a great team assembled for the build-out and are making sure our plans have contingencies.

BREWER: How has the pandemic altered your thought process for planning this new space in terms of indoor capacity, outdoor space, employee interaction with consumers, your online presence, and other things that weren’t at the forefront of thought when you first planned this?
PONYSAURUS: We made it a priority when finding a location to make sure the space had ample outdoor seating. This is something we have found success with at our Durham taproom. Our steps of service and level of hospitality will remain top-notch, and we will implement similar policies we have put in place in Durham into the Wilmington location.

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