Sycamore’s Strategy for Raising Brand Awareness Ahead of Reopening

When does it make sense to launch a mostly-offsite promotional campaign? 

Sycamore Brewing is doing it to emphasize its brand’s identity ahead of two events: a move to a larger taproom and beer garden after being closed to the public for several months and the transition of a seasonal release to a year-round offering.

Just ahead of ending a temporary closure that began in October 2022 (although the canning facility remained open and operational) and opening a new 10,000-square-foot outdoor beer garden, the Charlotte, North Carolina brewery is creating buzz about a series of events celebrating the outdoors-iness of its year-round Mountain Candy IPA and Beach Candy IPA, which is transitioning from a seasonal release to a year-round beer.

Sycamore Brewing VP of Marketing JT Burke told Brewer the year-long campaign was about “bringing Mountain Candy and Beach Candy to life, providing new experiences, giving back and surprising consumers with memorable moments.”

The “Mountain to Beach” campaign will include a chef-and-beer dinner pop-up and an environmental clean-up volunteer day in partnership with a local non-profit, sponsoring local community events and competitions related to mountain biking and surfing, facilitating resort giveaways in the region and organizing pop-ups at its Charlotte home base at its taproom and new beer garden.

“Sycamore is a brand that loves the outdoors and outdoor recreation, and our beers complement that lifestyle. When Beach Candy was introduced as a seasonal product last year it had the same excitement as fan-favorite Mountain Candy, so we decided to bring it back as a year-round beer,” Burke said. “We paired Mountain Candy and Beach Candy together because they are the two products that we feel best describe our brand, values, and vibe – good times, great beer. We decided to take the show on the road from the mountains to the coast to show (not tell) how Mountain Candy and Beach Candy go perfectly for your chosen outdoor adventure.”

Burke said a unique and memorable taproom experience was part of Sycamore’s identity, and the new space would only emphasize that further.

“We always want to create new and exciting ways for our local and out-of-town followers to enjoy Sycamore whether that be at the new taproom, following the Mountain to Beach campaign or picking up a pack of beers at the grocery store,” Burke said.

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