Station 26 Expands Distribution With New Image Brewing

Station 26 Brewing Co. will begin distributing New Image’s portfolio across the Front Range and Summit County, the company announced.

This logistical move was advantageous for both companies as New Image broadens its reach with Station 26’s craft wholesale experience.

“This made complete sense from both of our breweries’ perspectives, and we can’t wait to offer an expanded portfolio by combining our flagship beers and distribution capability with New Image’s fantastic products,” says Justin Baccary, President + Founder of Station 26 Brewing Co. “We’re thrilled about this agreement.”

Station 26 will expand its sales and delivery team to accommodate the distribution of New Image Brewing’s entire portfolio across the Front Range. New Image’s beers will join Station 26’s Juicy Banger IPA, Tangerine Cream, and 303 Lager, in addition to seasonal and specialty releases from the Park Hill brewery.

“We have a ton of overlap with accounts and our portfolios mesh incredibly well,” says New Image Founder Brandon Capps. “There aren’t a lot of people we would trust to represent us in the market, but Station 26 has shown themselves to be passionate, committed, and professional. On top of that, they have invested in an infrastructure for sales and distribution that we believe has the potential to keep growing for years to come.”

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