Pinthouse Rolls Out Refreshed Can Designs for Core Beers

Pinthouse will be releasing newly minted cans of its core brands including Electric Jellyfish Hazy IPA, Training Bines Hazy IPA, and Magical Pils. The new look cans aim to deliver a cleaner and more cohesive design concept, while providing key information front and center for consumers. Fans of these brews can expect to get their hands on the new cans at all four of Pinthouse’s brewpubs on Friday, January 28, and the following week in local retailers.
“The main goal for us with the design refresh is to help unify all of our can designs without sacrificing the integrity of our label art. We figure the best way is to start with our three mainstays Electric Jellyfish, Training Bines and Magical Pils,” said Jacob Passey, Pinthouse’s Director of Brewing. “We’re excited to see these three complementary designs lined up next to each other on the shelf, as well as see how the new designs help frame in the artwork of our graphic designer, Wes Lebert.”
Lebert joined the Pinthouse team in early 2020 and began growing the branding of year-round and limited can releases. An evolution from selling cans solely over the counter to also selling cans in market at local retailers was the catalyst for Pinthouse’s core brand refresh. The framing within the new can designs declutters the original artwork that Pinthouse’s designer Lebert has crafted for each beer. The unique kaleidoscope can designs follow the artwork crafted by Helms Workshop for Electric Jellyfish when the fan favorite Hazy IPA first moved from draft only to cans in 2019.
“Ultimately, we had to begin visualizing the changes in the context of the series, rather than comparing original design against new design. And in the context of the series, I think this extra bit of cohesion is just what we were hoping for,” said Lebert.
A highlight of the refreshed can designs is the new branding for the previously draft-only mainstay, Magical Pils. An old world meets new world dry-hopped pilsner, brewed with Heirloom pilsner malt and Loral hops, giving it beautiful herbal and floral hop characteristics, and a nice soft mouthfeel.
“We’ve been working hard over the years to hone our lagers and Magical Pils has been at the forefront of that push. We’ve developed something that we think is unique, delicious and really shows our personality by bridging classic brewing and modern hopping techniques,” said Passey.
As the brand develops and the business for Pinthouse grows within Central Texas, an influx of accounts has been added to Pinthouse’s portfolio, compliments of the newest Pinthouse facility in Southeast Austin, Pinthouse Brewing.
“These changes keep the identity and art in focus while illuminating everything else we want to highlight about each beer. We are really excited to see these brands on shelf with a little refresh to them. The new cans should really pop on the shelves while keeping true to the original designs,” said Grant Weckerly, Pinthouse’s Director of Sales.
A new partnership with Austin-based can provider, Canworks, provides a new way for Pinthouse to apply designs to these news cans and its ever-growing brand. “Moving from stickers to printed cans, from our neighbors at Canworks is a no brainer from a quality standpoint. The high quality of the package itself is really going to better represent the quality inside more than ever and that matters a lot to us,” said Weckerly.
Pinthouse plans to have these newly printed cans available at all four of its locations by the end of January, as well as at major retailers throughout the Greater Austin area by the first week of February.

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