“We Actually Like Our Customers,”: Anderson Valley Holds Pricing

While beer prices are going up, Northern California’s iconic Anderson Valley Brewing Company (AVBC) announced that it will not be following this industry trend. 

“For our part, we are holding our pricing where it is,” said AVBC President Kevin McGee. “We have a lot of the same supply chain and transportation cost pressures that others are dealing with, but thanks to some adjustments in the way we operate, like a sustainability initiative that dropped our packaging supply chain shipping needs by 75% and finished goods shipping by 30-35%, we have been able to offset these costs and maintain enough margin to keep our people employed.

“Rather than engage in the cynical grab-for-cash that some of the publicly traded breweries are leaping towards in an effort to balloon shareholder value, we thought people would appreciate a delicious beer at a fair price.”

AVBC’s commitment not to price gouge comes as many large and publicly traded beer companies are using the perception of inflation – not the actual economic impact of inflation – as an excuse to raise prices, something they’ve been “courageously” public about.

Constellation’s CFO recently said that due to inflation they’re raising prices and are going to “take as much pricing as we think the consumer can absorb.” Heineken’s CFO told Fortune magazine that because of inflation they are going to raise prices by “courageous” amounts. Many of the largest beer conglomerates in the world just booked record-breaking profit and profit margins.

With a 35 year legacy of being a pioneer in the craft beer industry, AVBC is focused on crafting quality beer flavored beer at an honest price. Credited as one of the original catalysts of the modern craft beer movement, AVBC takes pride in its community, philanthropy and environmental stewardship. 

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