NOLA Brewing Announces New Culinary Concept: NOLA Pizza Co.

The team behind NOLA Brewing’s popular craft beer, Sparkling Hop’d Tea, and NOLA Hand Sanitizer announced today that it is launching NOLA Pizza Co., an authentic New York City style pizza concept.

“This is a natural fit for us,” says Doug Walner Executive Chairman and owner of New Orleans Lager & Ale Brewing Co. “In addition to pizza pairing so perfectly with beer, pizza dough starts with very similar ingredients and a process we know very well…water, yeast and fermentation, which all are right in our wheelhouse.

“The trick to making great NYC style pizza clearly starts with the water and we’re using our brewery expertise and in-house lab to make that happen.”

NOLA Pizza Co. is slated to open late fall 2020.

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