Why Oskar Blues New Lager Release Leans on Brew Team’s Expertise

Oskar Blues has announced its first major beer release of 2021 with Oskar’s Lager.

Oskar’s Lager is an American Pale Lager ​and the brewery’s Senior Marketing Manager, Aaron Baker, shared with Brewer some insights to the new release that will be priced below the brewery’s current pricing for year-round six-packs and multipacks pricing and plans to be competitive with domestic super-premium beers.

For Oskar’s Lager, Baker said they are currently developing a campaign focused around ‘The Buddy System.’

“At the core of this messaging is a very real mission from Oskar Blues brewers to craft a beer for everyday drinking — a beer that pairs up well with a Dale’s Pale Ale, yard work, mountain biking, the podcast you listen to while you force yourself to exercise, and the daily grind,” Baker explained. “The goal was a crisp, clean Lager to satisfy and invigorate. And they nailed it.”

Baker went on to say that he feels beer drinkers are always searching for variety and Oskar Blues saw a need in its lineup for a tried-and-true Lager that is low calorie and low carbs without sacrificing any flavor.

“And we knew we wanted to deliver it in a 15-pack,” Baker added.

Oskar Blues is also trying to shake the stigma of craft beer drinkers being more than just one thing. Baker feels that beer drinkers are also runners, cyclists, rock climbers, backpackers, home chefs, veggie gardeners, and die-hard sports fans.

“They want variety and they want consistency,” he said. “They want quality and they want quantity. A 15-pack of Oskar’s Lager at 95 calories and 2.5 carbs per can brings it all and is the everyday craft beer our brewers set out to create.”

​This isn’t the first venture into Lagers for the brand, but it does delve into a more competitive landscape with keywords like low-cal and low-carb.

Baker said that a beer like Mama’s Little Yella Pils paved the way for a whole host of beers currently in development. Last year, the brewery introduced the Slow Chill Series of Lagers including a Vienna Lager, a Helles, and a Dunkel.

“Lagers are a great test of a brewery’s quality because they leave nowhere to hide,” he said.

The key Lager technique isn’t something that occurs on the brew deck, he noted.

“Our brewers learned to source the absolute highest quality ingredients because they will shine through in a Lager,” Baker said. “Our brewers now have years of experience with brewing for a low ABV without sacrificing any flavor beginning with Pinner Session IPA several years ago and continuing with One-y 100 Calorie Hazy IPA and even our Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water.

“Squeezing every ounce of flavor and mouthfeel from malt and hops is a skill our brewers are hella proud of.”​

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