Marketing for an Anniversary Party

October 17 will see the 30th birthday of Pike Brewing Company with an accompanied month-long celebration.

For the anniversary, the Pike staff had a few unique ideas for the event. On October 1, patrons will be able to pick up a “30 Beers for 30 Years” punch card, where they will have the opportunity to win a limited-edition varsity-inspired Pike sweatshirt for drinking 30 beers, redeemable through December 31.

Beers from the original line up will be offered on the anniversary day — October 17 — at the original price point of $2.50 a pint. In a place like Seattle, with one of the highest costs-of-living in the US, and craft beer pints going for $7 is not unheard of, the price point is a steal.

In addition, the brewery will be offering Pike Reunion IPA, brewed by Pike alumni, also sold at the 1989 price.

Drinkers can expect a floral profile accented with notes of pineapple, grapefruit, and stone fruit, said Stasia Brewczynski, Pike Director of Communications

The beer industry has grown and changed an incredible amount in the last three decades,” Brewczynski said. “Celebrating Pike’s 30th anniversary with our original beers, plus limited-release Pike Reunion IPA, sold at the original 1989 price point is a fun way to symbolize that change.”

Pike is using that price point to thank customers for their support.

Brewczynski noted, “In 2019, it’s difficult to find a macro light lager for $2.50 in Seattle — let alone a selection of quality craft beers — so we hope folks will take the opportunity to raise a glass to the future of Seattle beer, enjoyed at a retro price point, with us.”

Alongside beer in grocery stores, Pike is making posters and shelf-talkers to draw people in and educate them on Pike beer. The hashtags #Pike30 and #MakeBeerHistory will be blasted across social media platforms, in efforts to engage people with Pike’s story, past, present and future.

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