Looking Your Best at a Beer Fest

Ah ‘Beer Fest’ season. It really doesn’t go away anymore, but it certainly ramps up as the weather warms.

Many breweries have ideas on what to bring for the masses, but just like a good label design, standing out in the crowd can be important as well.

Here are a few ideas on how to have the best look at a festival.

“Pimp Your Box”

  • Mike Benson – Marketing Director, Peace Tree: “Our tap box is actually pretty cool. The top is natural wood, and set on a large tub with wheels. The draft lines run up from metal piping. Overall, it looks pretty rustic and fits with our vibe. We always get multiple compliments.”
  • Dan Shapiro – Marketing Specialist, Angel City: “Wooden jockey box covers are a great way to give the look and feel of a built-in bar in a much more portable package.”
  • Jennifer Wolinski, Marketing Manager, Crooked Stave: “Our custom, reclaimed wood jockey box cover usually accompanies our jockey box to any festival where they are used. We also have a custom can/ice bin made from an old barrel if we are pouring packaged beer instead of draught.”

Swag it up!

  • Shapiro: “Sustainability is big for us, so we’ve veered away from giveaways that have too much plastic. But ultimately, we want to make sure that we’re giving people things they actually need. The best example of this is when we did a festival in the desert, so every other company was giving out sunglasses. But most of the festival goers already had sunglasses – what they really needed were bandannas to keep the dust out of their faces, which we had plenty of. By the end of the festival, nearly everyone was wearing an Angel City bandanna.”
  • Wolinski: “When possible we like to offer some swag to attendees such as koozies, extra labels, and stickers. We will set up our space with branded tents, table cloths, and banners.”
  • Benson: “We will bring as much swag for sale as is available, such as shirts and glasses. We will give away stickers and postcards (relatively inexpensive items).”

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