Cider Corner: Best Label Info for Quick Consumer Purchases

Capturing the eye of a consumer when they are in an off-premise location looking to buy quickly can mean an eye-catching label. But cider consumers can also be picky and educated and want to make the best purchase for them, yet still done so quickly. That means having the info they want easily readable and quick to find.

“Consumers are paying more attention to nutritional content and what ingredients are in the beverages they buy so they can make informed purchasing decisions,” said Swilled Dog‘s Kim Kirk.

With this in mind, the Virginia cidery has moved to include nutritional content on cans and is working on getting them on the website as well so consumers can find this information more easily.

​2 Towns Ciderhouse always tries ​its best to provide as much information on each product as ​they can,​ said Marketing Director Scot Bungi.

“Whether that’s the ingredients and processes that go into making it, or tasting notes and food pairing suggestions,​” he said​.

The emphasis, Bungi said, is always first providing the raw facts about the product. Whether that be stats like ABV, or nutrition info, or what goes into making each product — even sometimes what doesn’t go into it.

“Of course some of that can be dictated by which category the product falls under and the associated labeling requirements,” Bugni said.

Beyond the basic facts, 2 Towns tries to set accurate expectations about what the consumer can expect to experience when drinking the product while conveying that information as quickly as possible.

“We try to utilize a consistent, organized layout of information, with highly descriptive adjectives, and artwork that brings it all together with a less literal representation of the cider that invokes a sense of the cider’s personality,” he said.

​Although they haven’t simplified​ its label, Original 13 Ciderworks make​s​ sure nutritional information is easy to read on the packaging and ​Petra ​Manchina ​said the Philadelphia-based company doesn’t try to hide any product info on the labels.

​”​Identifying all of our fruit and juice is all local, regional, fresh, and gluten-free​,” she said, is important.

Online purchases have increased, which means sharing that same info — and maybe even more — can help make a sales connection.

​Kirk, Swilled Dog’s Chief Experience Manager, told Brewer they use ​the website and social media presence as an opportunity to tell ​its story and educate consumers about the ingredients ​used in ​its ciders and spirits and the importance of sourcing locally as much as possible.

​”​We are participating in conversations with farmers and organizations to discuss how we can work together to increase apple production in our state to help with the growing demand for cider apples,” she said. “For our distillery, we are sourcing our corn from the fields which surround our distillery, using local spring water and sourcing as many ingredients as possible from Pendleton County and West Virginia. We believe this transparency is important and we hope consumers will value our efforts to source high quality, local ingredients as close to our facility as possible.”

Bugni noted that 2 Towns utilize its website as a home base for that information to live for reference easily and reliably, and then utilize social media to highlight the timely information most relevant to the products they have available or coming out during a particular season.

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