Training Tips for New Taproom Hires

Now with three taprooms in its hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Marble Brewery has three front of houses that Barbie Gonzalez, the brewery’s Vice President and Director of Taprooms & Marketing helps handle the task of making sure the brewery’s culture and messaging is the same across the board.

“Our hiring process is about the individual and whether that individual aligns with our core values and culture,” she shared with Brewer. “We can train anyone to become a superior “beertender” but we cannot train or change who they are.”

All of new employees for front of house work meet with Gonzalez for orientation which introduces them to the decade-plus old company, brand and culture.

“Right away we work on creating a connection with management and all members of the team,” Gonzalez said.

Within the first 30 days of employment, these new employees are required to “Shadow a Brewer” to further enhance or develop their knowledge on the brewing process and a particular style.

Also, front of house employees are required four training shifts that immerse them in all sorts of roles; from beertending, to barbacking and working the door. The taprooms’ Alcohol Policy and Responsible Alcohol Service is covered on Day 1, Gonzalez noted.

“We want our team to understand our safety practices and pledge to the community,” she said.

To promote and foster a culture of communication and transparency, these employees are required to download a communications app where releases and upcoming beers or event information can be relayed.

Gonzalez writes a weekly newsletter to all employees to keep everyone in the loop about all of the things Marble Brewery has in the pipeline.

Through the app, all staff is required to read all communication and confirm receipt.

“We also have style guides at all of our locations with details and ingredients for all of our different offerings,” Gonzalez pointed out. “Brewery team members always make themselves available to talk beer with the front of house team.

“We hold educational seminars and employee tasting sessions to continue to develop their pallets and beer vocabulary.”

Gonzalez said that the more management engages with their team, the more they engage with the consumer.

“We hire people that are excited to be a part of the craft beer revolution and management supports that individual at all times,” she said. “We care about our people because they matter. Our guests are very receptive to the positive energy that our team exudes whether on or off the clock.”

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