How Collaborations Can Give a Lift to Sales, Recognition

Collaborations with other breweries for a new product can benefit in different ways.

Besides the fun and comradery that comes with these type of projects there can be a profitable side in more ways than one.

The obvious, said Warped Wing co-founder and VP of Sales Nick Bowman is the financial benefit. The Dayton, Ohio brewery has teamed up with Cincinnati brewery Listermann to create Cuvée De 75, a blended barrel project featuring beers from both companies.

“These brews are usually very unique and tend to be super limited they can command a higher price point,” Bowman said indicating the first benefit of the partnership. “The other benefit that comes with these types of projects is awareness for both brewers together but also individually.  Especially when two breweries team up from different markets.

The added exposure for Warped Wing in Cincinnati and likewise in Dayton for Listermann will be helpful.

“Although, [it’s] not easy to track, you certainly hope to see a lift in sales in those markets that are outside your home market,” Bowman said.

The collaborative beer is a blend of Bourbon Barrel Aged Chickow! Imperial Brown Ale from Listermann/Triple Digit Brewing along with Warped Wing’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Pirogue Black Tripel and a dash of Bourbon Barrel Aged Abominator Dopplebock.

“Given that this was a barrel blending project we knew the volume was going to be limited,” Bowman said. “The more limited and unique the beer the higher the price point that the beer can be commanded.”

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