Kentucky IPA™ and Kentucky Kölsch™ Roll Out New Can Line

Kentucky_IPA4PackAlltech’s Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company’s Kentucky IPA™ and Kentucky Kölsch™ are rolling off the brewery’s new canning line and launching statewide and in Ohio. The new cans are debuting just in time for summer’s outdoor activities and are being sold in 4-packs of 16 ounce cans.

“We’ve hoped to produce a canned beer for some time, and with the installation of our new canning line, it’s become a reality,” said Hal Gervis, global operations manager for Alltech’s Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company. “We’re producing 16 ounce cans because they’re ideal for sporting events, outdoor concerts or at the beach. Plus, we think our fans are going to love the taste of the new Kentucky IPA, which is a style our brewmasters have experimented with for some time to create the perfect balanced profile.”

Kentucky IPA – or India Pale Ale – is a new brew for the brewery, while Kentucky Kölsch is a rebranded version of the well-loved Kentucky Light® brew that launched in 2003. The light-bodied, crisp ale was renamed to more accurately reflect its beer style, which is a German-style Kölsch ale, a classic style of beer originating from Cologne, Germany. With the increasing savvy of craft beer enthusiasts, the Kölsch descriptor is now better recognized and understood.

Kentucky IPA is a hoppy, golden-hued American India Pale Ale with bright citrus flavors and sweet floral aromas that come from liberal dry-hopping with American Hops. The India Pale Ale style is the fastest growing craft beer style on the U.S. market, and last year, the style boasted the highest dollar sales for craft beers (SIG Data, 2012).

Kentucky IPA and Kentucky Kölsch are also available on draft and in bottles statewide, as well as in Ohio.  The canned Kentucky Kölsch will quickly expand into its existing U.S. markets, while Kentucky IPA distribution will follow a more incremental growth strategy. The new brew was first introduced to the Lexington market on a limited basis in mid-May. Kentucky IPA is the fifth beer in the Kentucky Ale® portfolio, following the release of the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel® Stout late last year.

“The Kentucky IPA really helps fill out our portfolio,” said Matt Cordle, global sales manager for the division. “Plus, the new large format cans for both the Kölsch and IPA offer us a greater diversity and ability to make our fans happy.”

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