Innovations That Excite Craft Brewers

Thanks to an ever-changing palate by consumers and the drive by many craft breweries to create art from what they brew, innovation is a word on many lips.

“We are currently in the midst of a paradigm shift in brewing and evolution of a style of beer — the New England IPA,” said Eric Bachli, the Chief Product Officer for Sixpoint Brewery.​ “​In the beginning there were many skeptics within the industry and among the craft beer drinker base. Brewers of these beers were often criticized among their peers as “lazy” because the beers were opaque and the consumer was shocked —​ ​some in good ways and others in bad​ —​ at the overall aesthetic.

“From an innovation perspective this requires breaking the mold and going against the status quo of more traditional brewing techniques. While extreme brewing has existed in many shapes and forms I believe this style exemplifies going against the grain and pioneering forwar​d.”

Jason Buehler, ​the Head Brewer at ​Denver Beer Co.​ noted that there is still a wide swath of ingredients ​and packaging that are yet to be discovered​.

“[There are still] new ways to give beer consumers a different experience,​” he said. “Weed. Different types of wood aged beer. And bright, tropical hops.​”​

Anything that drives great beer​ is what excites Martin Bills, the Director of Brewing Operations for Pelican Brewing​.

​”​This must be the first and the primary goal​,” he said​. ​”​If you can’t make a perfect ​P​ilsner, you’re barrel-aged ​B​arleywine will reflect this.

​”​Old brewers wisdom…still true.​”​

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