The Plan to Succeed in Market Expansion

Louisville, Kentucky’s Goodwood Brewing recently announced their partnership with Georgia Crown Distributing to expand its distribution footprint into the state this month.

Goodwood attributes its Southern states’ success to its traditional southern roots as well as its ties with the Bourbon culture, which has helped market expansion.

“We’ve done really well as a company in the Southern states,” said CEO Ted Mizlaff. “I think it’s a natural fit as they have continued to embrace a sip of the south and Kentucky’s Bourbon roots.”

Goodwood is currently in numerous border states of Kentucky such as Tennessee, South Carolina and Alabama, and Mitzlaff said they wanted to expand their chain presence into Georgia.

“We have been extremely successful in throughout the southeastern US, and wanted to round out our footprint once we found the right distributor,” he said.

He added success is predicated on a few key factors and is what made Goodwood wait until the time was right to expand.

Those keys are:

  • Supporting growth thru sales presence and social media: “We are actively seeking additional local sales staff in our new markets,” Mitzlaff said. Here’s some creative ways to hire a sales staff.
  • Partnering with the right distributor: “The brands fit a unique target consumer with relevant styles. And there is significant upside volume opportunities for these types of products,” said Georgia Crown Director of Trade Marketing – Beer, Glenn Ver Steeg.
  • Produce outstanding products that the market demands: Goodwood prides itself on many of the same components of Bourbon, especially water and wood. All of our beer is brewed with limestone water and touched by wood — just like bourbon. We always say what’s good for bourbon is great for beer,” Mitzlaff said.

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