How Shiner Combats the Tricky Strawberry Flavor

Strawberry is more than tricky, it is very inconsistent, said Shiner’s Tom Fiorenzi​.​

Shiner, Texas is known for beer while about 100 miles southwest, Poteet, Texas is known for strawberries. This spring, the two towns combined for a tasty beer. Now available nationwide is Shiner Strawberry Blonde, brewed with homegrown strawberries from the strawberry capital of Texas and a mix of pale and wheat malts​.

Getting that strawberry mix right is a key, said Fiorenzi​, the Director of Brewery Operations for Shiner Beers.​

​”​We combat this by tasting and blending regularly to make sure the flavor is exactly what we are expecting​,” he told Brewer. ​”​We utilize real strawberries in the brewing process and make that well known in our branding and messaging.

​”​We also include tasting notes so that consumers are aware of what this seasonal beer will taste like before it hits their lips.​”​

Fruit additions take place at locations in the process that maximize the flavor impact and minimize microbiological concerns, Fiorenzi​ explained.

“We source all fruits as a puree in order to get the ‘good stuff’ and not the plant,” he said. “It also makes it easier to handle, store, and stay fresh in a container. The best location really depends on the fruit. Primary fermentation can ‘strip’ flavors from a brew. Therefore, some fruit will be added post-fermentation.”

Shiner is now in its 6th year of brewing Shiner Strawberry Blonde, and while it may have started as something unique to reach a different beer drinker, it has quickly become a standard in a range that fans demand back consistently, said Senior Brand Manager, Nick Weiland.

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“There’s a great story behind it since we’re able to use strawberries sourced locally to South Texas out of Poteet and release it leading up to the Poteet Strawberry Festival (which is this weekend).

“Fortunately for us, we’ve found this brew appeals to a lot of our existing fans as well as helps us reach new ones.”

When it comes to ​determining a ​packaging format, Weiland said they try to match up ​each beer’s package to when and where ​consumers will be enjoying them.

​”​For instance, Strawberry Blonde is a ​spring ​and​ summer seasonal​,​ so we are sure to make it available in cans since we know our fans will be enjoying it outdoors, by the pool, or at a picnic​,” he said. “Of course, we also sell it on draught and in bottles since that may be preferred by some when enjoying one at a bar or restaurant or at home.​”

While overall​, Shiner​ still sells more bottles than cans, ​Weiland said they have been seeing cans become more and more popular over the last several years and ​Shiner tries​ to offer as many of ​its beers as possible in both cans and bottles.

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