Hi-Wire Announces September Speciality Releases

Hi-Wire Brewing will be releasing three speciality beers in early September to round out their summer and fall line-ups. Customers can expect two beers from their Sour & Wild Ale program and a 4-pack 16oz can release from their Specialty program.

The next release from Hi-Wire Brewing’s Speciality program is Purple Punch (4.2% ABV), a tart wheat ale brewed with blackberries, blueberries & boysenberries. This refreshing and tart fruit bomb has huge aromas of jam and purple grape. Consumers should expect flavors of mixed berries and fruit punch in this bright purple sour wheat ale. Available in 4-packs of 16oz cans, Purple Punch will be see limited distribution in Hi-Wire Brewing’s entire footprint, as well as both of Hi-Wire’s taprooms beginning September 8.

The ninth release from Hi-Wire Brewing’s Sour & Wild Ale Program is a Sour Pumpkin Ale (8.6% ABV). This seasonal creation was inspired by time spent on Asheville’s Rayburn Farm, which quickly spawned the idea of crafting a single farm version of a pumpkin ale. All vegetables and additives were sourced on site, with all fresh ingredients, including roasted delicata pumpkins, cinnamon basil, and blue ginger. With a total fermentation time of 10 months, this sour ale will be available in 375 ml bottles beginning Saturday, September 2 with a bottle release at 12pm at Hi-Wire Brewings South Slope Speciality Brewery | 197 Hilliard Ave | and will see limited distribution the first week of September.

In conjunction with the Sour Pumpkin Ale release, Hi-Wire Brewing will be releasing a Dry-Hopped Brett Farmhouse Ale (5.5% ABV) on Saturday, September 2 at 12pm from their South Slope Sour & Wild Ale Specialty Brewery. Batch #16 from their Single Barrel Series has aromas of pineapple, yellow Laffty Taffy, and brett funk. This rare, taproom only, bottle release displays tasting notes of sauvignon blanc grapes and bright tropical fruit with a dry brett-heavy, oaky finish. Available for $15, this beer will not see distribution.

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