Rohrbach Celebrates Longstanding Brand With Latest Release: The Great Pumpkin

It’s the 1990s. Craft beer is on the rise with classic and seasonal styles leading the charge. The air is crisp and the leaves begin to turn. You pull a pumpkin ale out of the fridge and settle in to watch an old DVR of Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin. Life is good.
The world is full of changes right now. Changes in routine, work, and how we spend our free time. During times of stress and change, we tend to seek out the familiar. People are choosing products–whether it be a puzzle, a certain snack, or beverage–that remind us of normal times. This could be something from childhood or more recent traditions that we look forward to with the change of seasons.
Rohrbach Brewing Co. is bringing a bit of comfort and nostalgia with the latest release in the limited Neoteric Series. The Great Pumpkin is an Imperial Pumpkin Spice Ale brewed with large additions of lactose sugar, brown sugar, and blend of ginger, cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg spices. It’s a a rich, tantalizing pumpkin pie brew with an amber hue and a whipped-cream head. And yes, its name is a reference to an old classic.
“In today’s ever-changing world, I think we’re all turning to things that remind us of simpler times. The fall season brings so much joy in Upstate New York. Home to some of the best apple and pumpkin farms, it’s the best season to enjoy local seasonal products.” – Brittany Statt, marketing director
Rohrbachs brewed a pumpkin ale in its early days (think amber-hued glass growlers), but has steered clear of the crowded category in recent years. The team felt it was the perfect time to return to the tradition.
The Great Pumpkin releases to stores throughout Upstate New York the week of August 31. You can learn more information about its release at

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