Three Taverns Teams with Mastodon to Create New Beer, Teardrinker

Award winning Three Taverns Brewery has collaborated with Grammy Award-winning metal rock band, Mastodon, to produce a new beer and continue their approach to collaborations outside the traditional brewery-with-a-brewery collaboration model.

The limited-edition beer, Teardrinker, is a 6.2% New England-style double dry-hopped IPA. “The opportunity to collaborate on Teardrinker was something we couldn’t pass up. We wanted to design a beer that matched the methodical intensity of Mastodon’s music, while remaining approachable and easy drinking.”

– Neal Engleman | Head Brewer, Three Taverns

Three Taverns relationship with Mastodon started years ago when drummer/singer, Brann Dailor – an avid craft beer drinker – was a patron of the brewery. Multiple conversations over beers, ranging from crazy tour stories to beer nerd topics like “hop bite”, lead to the idea of creating a beer together. Named after the single off Mastodon’s latest release, Hushed and Grim, the beer instantly had the most badass sounding beer name (ever?): Teardrinker.

“Atlanta has a really incredible beer scene that I feel is just as thriving as its music scene. Being a beer lover myself, I really wanted to bring in some local breweries to represent some of the songs on our new album. Three Taverns is one of the best places to go and have a drink in Atlanta and they are absolutely crushing one of my favorite styles – DDH New England style IPA’s. When I’m coming up with titles for our songs I try to imagine ordering it at a bar, and I absolutely love the name “Teardrinker” for a beer. Three Taverns has some of the best and most innovative beers around so we couldn’t be more stoked to team up with them for “Teardrinker”. Hopefully it sounds as good as it tastes.

– Brann Dailor | Mastodon

The mesmerizing label design for Teardrinker is from Portland, Oregon-based acclaimed artist Alexander Reisfar, whom Mastodon selected to create a visual representation of the song. Reisfar’s art has graced the cover of numerous metal albums and his paintings have been featured in galleries all across the country. Reisfar’s creative process starts with hand painting the entire artwork – an approach truly unique and one-of-a-kind for a beer can design.

Teardrinker will be Three Taverns second beer collaboration with a band, after the Grouplove collab, This Is Beer. In addition to collaborating with bands, the brewery has also created beers with local farms, non-profits, and even customers.

“Music has been woven into the fabric of our brewery since its earliest inception. It provided a soulful backdrop to my formative years of homebrewing and continues to be a critical ingredient in our beer today. Music floods the brewery production floor daily giving energy and inspiration to the hardworking crew who make our beer. Miles Davis once said that ‘to be and stay a great musician, you’ve got to always be open to what’s new, to what’s happening at the moment.’ This philosophy of innovation and discovery is foundational at Three Taverns. Our latest discovery is Teardrinker.”

Brian Purcell | Founder and CEO, Three Taverns

Teardrinker will be released in 4-pack, 16oz cans at both Three Taverns Brewery locations on Friday, October 29th, with a special album listening party with the band the evening of the 29th at Three Taverns Imaginarium location. Teardrinker releases into market the following week all over the state of Georgia and in Chattanooga, TN.

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