Expanding Your Reach In Various Venues

On Monday, Nick Hertzberg​ — the Social Media Manager​ for Neshaminy Creek Brewing — ​touched on aspects of helping their brewery with brand loyalty from consumers. One aspect he touched on was the numerous types of events the brewery does now to help bring in different consumers groups.

​”Events are becoming an amazing route for us to expand our brand in non-traditional ways,” he said. “We have hosted pro-wrestling events, BBQ events, charity events, classic car shows, and tons of punk rock bands at our brewery in Croydon, Pennsylvania (between Philadelphia and Trenton, New Jersey) over the years, and are looking to constantly vary what we are doing here and out in the market too.”

Working with the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NBA, COOP Ale Works can accomplish two goals said Sean Mossman, the Director of Sales and Marketing.

“They expose the brand to customers who may not be familiar with our beer and our companies values​,” he said​.​ “They also deliver on our promise to use our limited marketing resources supporting the communities that support our beer.”

COOP has done a handful of “non-traditional” deals in the past two years. They recently entered into a multi-year sponsorship deal with the Thunder. They also recently entered into a deal with a local music venue, The Tower Theatre, to sponsor a monthly local music showcase.

“The [Thunder] deal gets us some branding exposure inside the arena and on television as well as branded bars stocked with COOP beer for ticket holders,” Mossman explained about the brewery that produced more than 12,000 barrels in 2017. “[The music venue] helps us deliver on our promise to support local art in Oklahoma City and provides exposure to up-and-coming musicians while promoting the brand.”

For Neshaminy Creek, the sales team, managers, and all other staff are constantly working to connect and mingle with folks from adjacent businesses and to make sure they can create a dually beneficial alliance.

“We are always looking to get into new, exciting bars and restaurants whose ideas speak to our brand, and also have our brews in a number of local concert stadiums, some ballparks, theaters, etc.,” Hertzberg said. “If we think it is a place people might enjoy our product, which is almost anywhere, we will definitely take a look at it. It is important to keep expanding our reach in all sorts of different arenas, because the world is ever evolving.”

Hertzberg noted that if a beer brand only sold beer to bars and liquor stores, and didn’t look at the growing number of things like concert venues, sporting event and such, they wouldn’t be around very long in his opinion.

“New means of consuming food, beverage, and media are always evolving, so trying to stay on top of those forms, and seeing how we fit into those particular developments, is crucial,” he said.

Neshaminy Creek photo courtesy Anthony Stull Photography

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