Four Ways to Inspire Brand Loyalty

Developing a strategy to stay competitive amongst the surging amount of hyper-local beers and breweries popping up is a top focus right now for Neshaminy Creek.

Having a consistent flow of reliable and creative beers is what the Pennsylvania regional brewery.

“We have our seasonal favorites and core selection that people have come to love, or if they encounter them for the first time, they become fans because of how well they stand up against the competition,” said Social Media Manager, Nick Hertzberg. “We are never shy of trying to innovate or brew a style that might be deemed “less popular” at the moment.”

Hertzberg elaborated on four examples of how the brewery is fighting to stay on the mind of craft consumers.

EVENTS: Hertzberg noted that the eastern Pennsylvania brewery — located between Philadelphia and Trenton, New Jersey — is becoming very established in the events market, and that helps tremendously with the retention and creation of a client base.

“Some customers know us solely because we throw awesome concerts/shows, host the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market, do charity movie nights, etc.,” Hertzberg mentioned. “We keep booking bigger bands and doing exciting new events that are adjacent to our industry, like pro-wrestling, BBQ, classic car shows, adult coloring nights.”

While these events don’t always say “craft beer” from an outside point of view — there is a definite crossover in demographics that is great for NCBC and its fans.

ARTWORK: The look of the can, created by artist JP Flexner, allows Neshaminy Creek to differentiate themselves in the market and helps define brand identity and brand loyalty. “Our artwork is fun, chaotic, and ultimately punk rock: a few words that summarize us and make us who we are,” Hertzberg said.

AWARDS: The brewery likes to utilize local and sometimes uncommon ingredients as well. We submit our brews for competitions (we have several GABF Gold and Bronze medals, Philly Beer Scene Awards, and more) and critique from press and media.

BEING SOCIAL: In a time where customer service overall can be daunting and lacking across the board — and marketing professionals wear multiple hats that can stretch them thin — customer service is a paramount.

“Posting accurate and up-to-date information on social media, our website, and through marketing emails is a big help,” he said. “Giving people clear and concise, relevant information, and responding to as many inquiries as possible. Yes, even if the answer to said question is stated right above in the caption, it helps ensure customers that we care about their thoughts, questions, and concerns.”

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