Enjoying West Sixth IPA in Lexington, Ky.

In my opinion, there is nothing greater than enjoying a craft brew from its home city. This past weekend I ventured to Central Kentucky, where I was born and raised, to enjoy some family time and talk to some Lexington locals about the growing beer industry.

With the recent launch of The Brewer Magazine, there has been a buzz around friends and friends of friends as to how the website will develop and what they can expect in the coming weeks and months. Many people were already jumping on their phones to check out new beers and articles on the website — it’s such an exciting time to be a publisher in the craft beer industry.

While hanging out in Downtown Lexington I got to enjoy one of my local favorite’s, West Sixth Brewing Company in the form of its West Sixth IPA. Now, I know it’s controversial to talk about Magic Hat #9 and West Sixth, but in my opinion it’s sad because I’ve enjoyed them both so much. I remember first experiencing Magic Hat in Washington D.C. almost six years ago this summer while on a bachelor party.

However, West Sixth with its distinct hoppy flavor is impossible to match at this moment. People were taking pictures of the can and we were pulling up The Brewer Magazine on our smart phones to take a look at the comparison picture of the labels. It’s a toss up for most people. If you are really into marketing, you might be able to understand the dispute, but otherwise, it’s become two great craft breweries battling one-another — which is what I originally thought craft brewing was against.

In the coming weeks we will be bringing you interviews from all over the U.S. It’s my dream to truly give craft brewing companies a voice and make the experience in consuming a craft brew more enjoyable to the consumer. I’ve always believed that if I know the story behind a company or event, it makes my experience that much more fulfilling — for example, learning more and more about the Central Kentucky brewery, West Sixth Brewing Company. If you haven’t tried it, try it today!


Tyler Montgomery is the Publisher/Editor of The Brewer Magazine, a publication devoted to giving a voice to the craft brewing industry. 



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