A Crucial Step When Expanding into New Markets

Recently, lifestyle beer brand Calidad — based in Southern California — has taken its first step in a bigger national exposure, and making sure they get it right is key.

So Calidad founder and Creative Director Josh Zad laid out a plan as the brand has also signed on to produce its beer in Colorado.

This expansion marks Calidad’s first-ever venture beyond its home state, with the brand setting the stage for an aggressive national expansion strategy in 2021.

“With new markets, it is critical to tailor your marketing strategy for the local consumer,” Zad said. “While always striving to stay true to the Calidad brand identity and ethos, each market is different and there is no cookie-cutter approach to building awareness.”

Zad noted that any brewery looking to expand into a new market must have a strong understanding of the local landscape and ask  questions like:

  • How and where are consumers shopping and spending their time?
  • What are their hobbies and interests?
  • What is the ideal “moment” where your beer will be paired with the occasion?

“Answers to these questions help inform how we successfully market to a local audience,” Zad said.

Aligning Calidad with influential local brands, events and retailers is another way to create buzz and build consumer trust while geo-targeted creative and digital marketing campaigns reach consumers in relevant areas.

“At Calidad, there is thoughtfulness and authenticity behind everything we do,” Zad said. “Every element of the brand — from our social media to our branding to the beer itself — is meticulously thought out with the goal of building lasting relationships with beer drinkers everywhere.”

So, being able to adapt to new markets may mean finding a new way to tell the same story, finding an angle that can be manageable in multiple markets while still connecting to a local audience.

“As Calidad becomes a more national brand, we will no doubt have to reexamine our approach,” Zad said. “From creative assets to messaging to brand partnerships and PR, it will be crucial to elevate our marketing strategy to set us apart from the competition and reach a broader audience.

“But that doesn’t diminish the solid foundation we’ve created thus far, which can easily transcend state borders.”

For Colorado specifically, Zad said they are excited to explore opportunities relating to outdoor recreation and the Calidad brand.

“It is such an active state with spectacular nature everywhere you turn — being a crisp, light Lager, Calidad fits perfectly with an active lifestyle,” Zad said. “We’re also planning some fun marketing initiatives in resort towns like Aspen and Vail to introduce Calidad to the skiing and snowboarding communities.”

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