Cider Corner: Ideas to Ponder for New Cideries Opening

It’s a new year and cideries across the country have prepared and planned for another year of ​work. But 2022 may be the first year of business for many and these cidery decision-makers that have opened their doors shared with Brewer their thoughts on how to find success in 2022 as a new cidery.

Lauren Patterson​, ​Experience Coordinator​ — Swilled Dog​: Have a solid business plan in place and be well-capitalized to help stay resilient in case of any hardship you may face. Focus on the quality of your cider over quantity.

Stephen Hance​, Owner — Number 12 Cider​: ​There are a lot of lessons we learned the hard way but from a big picture standpoint, someone advised us to “be prepared to adjust your plan.”

Tammy Roark​, Co-founder — Bend Cider​: Our words of wisdom are​: “It takes a village​.”​ Competition and animosity need to be put aside and supporting other beverage businesses through kind words and looking towards the greater good will help everyone in the long run​.

Doug Will, Sales Representative — 2 Fools: The craft Industry is a beautiful place. There is no malice or competition. Be supportive to every small craft business, and they will do so in kind.​

Paula Camp​, Co-owner/Cidermaker — Carriage House Ciders​: ​We have made and continue to make every mistake in the book. In fact, I think we could write a whole new book​.​​ ​That said, 202​2​ should be a good year to open a craft beverage business. We will hopefully finally put the pandemic behind us and people will crave getting out and having new experiences with family and friends.​ ​In the end though, new business is new business whether it’s craft beverages or developing the next killer app. My rule of thumb is to prepare for expenses that are twice as much as you plan and revenue that is half as much as you expected. It happens.

Tori Pennings Cosimano​, Co-founder​​ — ​Pennings Cidery​: ​Know your identity, what you want your business to stand for and what your priorities are. We are really proud to be hyper-focused on being an orchard-based cidery and focused on the agriculture side of cider making. When tough decisions come up, it is much easier to move forward when we have a clearly defined mission and values.

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