Cider Corner: Why Canned Cocktails May Be An Easy Addition

Brewer Magazine explored the ease with which a cidery could produce a non-alcoholic soda featuring real fruit in a recent Cider Corner story. As it would turn out, it’s similarly doable for cideries to get into the canned cocktail game. 

That’s what Craftwell Cocktails, a sister company of 2 Towns Ciderhouse has been doing, recently announcing its newest flavor, Peach Mojito.

Craftwell Cocktails has been at it a year, and 2 Towns Ciderhouse Marketing Director Danielle Kronmiller said the move has been a success. Canned cocktail customers are trying the cider, and loyal 2 Towns faithful are giving the new cocktails a try.

“I think those that are familiar with 2 Towns and value our emphasis on using real fruit, quality ingredients, and no shortcuts have gravitated towards the Craftwell Cocktails brand,” Kronmiller said. “We are known for our work using real fruit and other carefully sourced ingredients in our ciders. We’ve used that expertise to push the boundaries by using real fruit once again in a great-tasting cocktail. We’ve seen that consumers are open to trying a new beverage made by a local company they trust and enjoy.

“And vice-versa, those exposed to Craftwell Cocktails first and appreciate the quality ingredients, great flavor, and/or PNW, local roots are also open to trying 2 Towns cider as well.”

A couple of things helped get the new venture up and running relatively quickly: existing equipment that could do the job and good relationships with distributors.

The same fruit sourced from 2 Towns’ network of growers that’s used to make the cider is also used to make the newer canned cocktails.

“We produce both our cider and our cocktails in the same facility,” Kronmiller said. “Since all of the alcohol comes from apples, there are many similarities within the fermentation process between the cider and our cocktails and therefore, we can use much of the same equipment and staff.”

Craftwell Cocktails were launched first on draft and canned after receiving positive feedback. Today, they’re widely distributed in Washington State and Oregon. Other flavors include Strawberry Margarita, Blueberry Cosmo, Pineapple Margarita and Grapefruit Paloma .

“We’re excited about the momentum we’re seeing with this brand. Craftwell Cocktails is not only the No. 1 canned Ready to Drink Beverage in Oregon, but it is also No. 20 in the nation, despite only having distribution in just two states — Oregon and Washington,” Kronmiller said. “Much of this success can certainly be attributed to our long lasting and established relationships with distributors and retailers who trust us from partnerships with them working with our 2 Towns brand over the last decade.”

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