5 Ways to Get Outside The Box in Looking for New Customers

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Having creative marketing that exposes your brewery to a new segment of the population is crucial for differentiation, engagement, relevance, and expansion. It is essential to be creative and innovative to capture the attention of potential customers and stand out from the crowd.

Many breweries have shared ideas on how they look to be different in their area and have shared with Brewer how it works for them. Here are a few thoughts.

Create an exclusive beer-of-the-month club for your enthusiasts. Finding that extra special value with consumers with a Mug Club or such perk can be important, but creating it and managing it can vary toward what is the best way. READ MORE: Best Practices in Beer Club Management

Partner with local restaurants, bars or social clubs for special deals (if you are permitted by your state laws) who order food. Being named the official beer partner of a large organization means you’ve done some reputable things, but it’s also an opportunity to build up your business even further. READ MORE: Why Your Brewery Should Pursue That Official Partnership

Launch a social media campaign targeted to a new segment of the population. “While the landscape of social media continuously evolves, it appears, through our limited lens, that some fundamentals have remained the same, regardless of platform,” explained Topa Topa‘s Jack Dyer. READ MORE: Organic vs. Spending: Tips to Boost Social Media Traction​

Sponsor a local craft beer festival to draw attention to your brewery. With an almost endless beer festival season back in swing, making sure you are connecting with consumers the right way can be important. It can be to either reinforce your brand upon them or introduce them to their new favorite beer. READ MORE: Ideas on Staffing Your Next Beer Fest

Reach out to local influencers and bloggers to promote your beer. Having a point person for social media allows breweries to be even more dynamic in targeting cross-promotional opportunities, craft beer influencers, real-time industry trends and more, said Dust Bowl’s Liz Jaureguy. “It’s even opened the door to coordinate more unique content from across the company,” she indicated. READ MORE: Tips for Developing a Social Media Strategy

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