​Consistency In a Seasonal Beer​

​For more than 30 years now, Deschutes has bottled a holiday beer​, and for all of those 31 years, Jubelale has remained the same.

It’s the ​consistency that is tough to do, explained Brewmaster Brian Faivre. With changes in technology, the increases in sensory panel and even having better ingredients to use, “improving” Jubelale without affecting its tastes can be a challenge.

“It’s a bonus challenge because we only brew Jubel for a season each year so you have to go off of your memory,” Faivre said.

Jubelale was originally created at the brewery’s Bend Pub. It was then crafted in a JV Brewhouse and now it’s brewed on the brewery’s largest Huppmann system.

“The most significant changes have been in batch size, sophistication of equipment, the level of technology and fermenter size,” Faivre said. “As if this isn’t enough, our raw materials are changing every year as well for a variety of reasons, specifically Mother Nature.

“Lots of changes and challenges – thank God for brewers as this is what we manage.”

Jubelale ​clocks in at 6.7 percent with 65 IBUs and the Winter Ales is described as having, ‘notes of cocoa, dried fruit, toffee and a warming spice.’

​Of course, Faivre said he​ is biased, but ​he ​believe​s the Deschutes’ sensory program ​is the best ​in the world.

​”​We have an amazing Sensory Manager who trains us weekly​,” he explained​. ​”​This trained panel then tastes beer daily in process, both prior to packaging and after packaging. We are trained on the “core characteristics” of what makes Jubelale, Jubelale.

​”​As brewers, we take this input and look to correct any drift we might see between seasons, changing of raw materials and process to get it where we want it regarding this flavor profile.​”

They also have numerous QC checks from the original analysis of raw materials, wort production, fermentation, clarification, maturation and packaging using a diverse array of sensors and lab equipment.

Traditionally every decade ​the brewery will also create a Super Jubel​ — ​an imperial take on Jubelale, but recently ​they haven’t been able to wait that long and brewed a “Super” Jubel 2015​, which was 50​ percent of the volume from a ​​12-month Pinot Noir and the other half from new Oregon Oak​ barrel​s.

​​This year​,​ a Super Jubel ​is ​available exclusively at ​the pubs.

​Faivre said years ago, ​they brewed Jubleale in July at the Bend Pub for a few years in a row, sort of like a Christmas in July.

​”My thoughts were that it was sort​ of​ like going to school in summertime,” he said.​

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