​​Sales Opportunities in Convenience Stores

Creating new sales opportunities in off-premise can be a key to boost growth and one of the latest segments to become open to craft beer can be in the convenience store market.

Ecliptic Brewing started strong in 2013 by entering a local Portland, Oregon-area chain called Plaid Pantry at the introduction of its cans.

“They were an early adopter and that really helped us have a successful launch,” said Sales Manager Erin Grey Kemplin.

Since launching cans, the 7​-Eleven chain has also become a big supporter in Oregon.

“They are now one of our top retailers,” Kemplin said. “There are still many chains in the convenience channel that are not supporting Ecliptic though. All untapped opportunities that we will continue to work on.”

​Kemplin noted that ​it’s important for the brewery to be in the segment for consumers so that no matter what sort of shopping style, a consumer can have access to fresh beer from Ecliptic.

“Many people pop in these types of stores for one or two things instead of the grocery store,” she explained. “If we are not there that is a missed opportunity.”

​The brewery’s​ cans are top sellers. When it comes to styles, hazy, hoppy, and/or fruity all do very well.

“We consider what is selling in all of our beer decisions for 4/6/12-ounce cans,” she said.

​There are still marketing opportunities to expand ​on in the ​convenience channels though.​ The brewery has have had very little luck getting custom POS, shelf talkers, stack signs​ ​…​ ​really any kind of POS up in ​those kinds of stores.

​”​We are working on this though and are always looking to increase our presence with POS​,” Kemplin said​. ​”​It really helps sell the beer and I wish that more retailers let us put it up.​”​

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