Paktech Prided on Environmental Efforts

Whether breweries are just getting into distributing cans or bottles in packages, or upping their distribution game, PakTech makes sure it takes care of all its customers, whether in its home state of Oregon or internationally.
Everything, from Paktech’s handles to its applicators, is manufactured in Eugene, Oregon, and PakTech works with both retailers directly as well as regional distribution partners. Though the sales reps like having initial contact with customers, they sometimes refer them to their distribution partners for faster distribution times.
Mike Seestadt, a sales rep for PakTech, said he prides the company on its quick delivery time. The maximum time it takes from manufacturing the product, to shipping, to reaching the customer is three weeks, and it’s usually faster than that.
“Our goal is meeting the customer’s needs 100 percent whether it’s through distribution or you’re buying direct,” Seestadt said. “We don’t prefer one way over the other. We just want the customer to be well managed.”
PakTech also prides itself on is its sustainability measures. Because PakTech’s handles are made from recycled milk jugs, the company has kept more than 400 million jugs out of landfills since using 100% recycled material.
Seestadt thinks it’s important for consumers to understand that all of PakTech’s products are PCR, or post-consumer recycled, meaning, they’ve already been recycled once before, and they all have the potential to be recycled again.
“So you’re adding nothing to the waste stream by using our handles if you properly recycle them as well,” Seestadt said. “But even if they aren’t recycled, at least you’re making use of something that was already used once. You’re adding no virgin material to it to the environment.”
All the handles are recyclable, and handles that are applied manually can even be reused. However, depending on production size, breweries also have the option to have applicators installed in the facility.
Applicators are machines that apply handles to packages, and the entry level machines run at 120 cans per minute for 4-pack packages to 180 cans per minute for 6 packs, up to maximum speeds of 2,400 CPM with faster applicators.
When installing applicators in breweries, PakTech sends out techs to help with training.
“They’ll train the staff on operation and maintenance and then do a test run to make sure that cans flow through properly,” Seestadt said. “That’s actually included in the price.”
Breweries are usually able to choose from one of the 31 standard colors, although they can get a custom color for a one-time fee. If a custom color already exists from another customer, there is no extra charge. Most breweries use the stock handles for bottles or cans, but PakTech can make digital renderings and send samples for unique packaging.
Customers come to PakTech all the time, Seestadt said, with a concept that has no handle in existence, and PakTech can have a prototype with 500 samples and accurate pricing to the customer within three weeks. PakTech is trusted with customers all over the world, and combined with fast shipping times, competitive pricing, and sustainability efforts, that makes them one of the top competitors in the game.

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