XTRATUF: The Last Brewing Boots You’ll Ever Purchase

In 2019 we launched a specialized segment titled the “Test Kitchen.” Its content was derived from within an operational brewery located in Winchester, Kentucky owned and operated by the same individuals that launched Brewer Magazine almost a decade prior. This is the continuation of product reviews involving that real-life brewing experience.

At the same time that Brewer’s Test Kitchen launched in 2019, a pair of muck boots were purchased locally to be worn for multiple years by the owner/brewer. While there were a few close calls involving slip and falls, the muck boots did the job of protecting from hot liquid to the legs and feet, as well as keeping hop sludge and yeast from destroying pairs and pairs of sneakers. 

When the Brewer Test Kitchen brought in an Assistant Brewer, Wes Jarrell, the muck boots were passed down. It became quickly clear that they’d been put through their paces and it was time for a replacement. Luckily XTRATUF became a partner with Brewer which sent a couple of pairs of brewing boots to our team to do everything we could to them. 

We put those boots through every single test possible and have been nothing but hard on them for the past several months. However, once sprayed with a little water these boots still look brand new. 

“My first pair of boots were a pair of muck boots that went up right below the knee,” Jarrell said. “The grip on the soles of the boot were minimal. They also showed signs of wear and tear quickly.

“When I first received my pair of XTRATUF boots I felt confident they were going to be durable and reliable due to the quality. The height was just right while providing enough space around the leg to be comfortable during a long brew day.” 

As we all know in the brewing space there’s a ton of time spent on your feet, walking throughout the brew space, walk-in cooler and bending, squatting, and standing endlessly. We all need something that is comfortable, won’t wear out, and will keep us on our feet even in wet and slippery conditions. 

“The XTRATUF boots fit perfectly making it easy to get around while providing protection against hot water and other hazardous material,” Jarrell said. “XTRATUF also provides excellent grip ensuring safety while walking on a wet surface.”

Unfortunately, the original muck boots utilized by the Test Kitchen never fit perfectly and our feet felt like they were swimming within the boots. 

“The XTRATUF boots provide a perfect fit while also allowing enough space around the foot and leg for comfort,” explained Jarrell. “XTRATUF boots have a comfortable sole which helps decrease soreness after being on your feet all day.”

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