Wiseacre Launches 2 New Year-Round Beers

WISEACRE Brewing Company will launch two new year-round beers this summer: Irusu Rice Lager and Puffel Hazy Double IPA. The introduction of these two brews will also represent two new packaging opportunities, with Irusu offered in a 15-pack and Puffel coming first in a 4-pack of 16-ounce cans and later in a 19.2-ounce stovepipe can.

“I was able to take a magical trip to Japan with a friend who was born there, and I fell even more in love with the country I had admired from afar for most of my life,” explained co-founder and brewmaster Davin Bartosch. “It is out of the Japanese tradition of super dry rice lager that Irusu was born. This beer has a gentle, smooth taste and a dry, palate-cleansing finish. Our artist Rachel Briggs knocked it out of the park yet again with the label, which was influenced by ukiyo-e woodblock art.”

“Puffel is a completely different story!” Davin continued. “This beer will be right at 9% ABV and is new age-y with the hazy appearance and hop character. The hop variety is something new for us, we are thrilled that we got our hands on enough of the highly sought-after New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops to commit to Puffel being a year round beer.”

“Not that we take this notion too seriously, but with these two beer releases, we are bringing balance into the universe,” said Kellan Bartosch, WISEACRE co-founder. “On one hand, Irusu is the lightest beer we’ve ever made at 99 calories. In contrast, Puffel will be massive in every way, from mouthfeel to aroma, and flavor.” He added, “We’re also excited about the new packaging options, which offer different values and purchasing opportunities for the wide variety of WISEACRE fans.”

The addition of Irusu Rice Lager and Puffel Hazy Double IPA bring WISEACRE’s year-round offerings to a total of 10 beers, each of which are available in a variety of packages:

  • Tiny Bomb Pilsner (Great American Beer Festival Bronze Medalist) – 6-pack cans, 16oz cans, 12 packs, and as part of WISEACRE’s 12-can variety pack
  • Gotta Get Up to Get Down Coffee Milk Stout – 6-pack cans, 12 packs, and as part of WISEACRE’s 12-can variety pack
  • Ananda India Pale Ale – 6-pack cans, 12 packs, and as part of WISEACRE’s 12-can variety pack
  • Bow Echo Hazy IPA – 6-pack cans and 16oz cans
  • Memphis Sands Lager – 12-pack cans, 16oz cans
  • Regular Pale Ale – 6-pack cans and 16oz cans
  • Beach Within Reach Berliner Weisse – 6-pack cans
  • Adjective Animal – 4-pack 12oz cans

WISEACRE also brews four seasonal beers that share the same barcode and come in 6-packs and as part of WISEACRE’s 12-can variety pack. Additionally, WISEACRE periodically offers specialty, limited-run beers such as fruited sours, barrel-aged brews, Belgian styles, supper hoppy and obscure beers, which are typically available in 4-can packs and as large format bottles.

WISEACRE is currently sold in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Washington DC and, of course, Tennessee.

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