3 Sheeps to Debut New Year-Round, Pendulum IPA

DESCRIPTION: New year-round beer boasts just enough bitterness to know it is an IPA without hitting the palate like a wrecking ball. 3 Sheeps Brewing Co. Pendulum IPA is brewed with a fresh fruit-forward blend of Cashmere and Rakau hops. Pendulum IPA boasts intense tropical flavors that meld perfectly with aromatic notes of apricot, papaya, grapefruit and melon, then finishes clean and mildly bitter.

BREWER NOTE: IPA tastes have swung from intensely bitter West Coast IPAs to the zero bitterness IPAs of the North East. Pendulum IPA adapts to the ever evolving flavor-profiles by incorporating the aspects of different IPA styles that the brewers love and smashing them into one stand-out beer. These new-to-the-brewery hops allowed the brewers to experiment with the unique flavors and aromas as they crafted this new year-round brew. The result is an IPA dripping with juicy fruit flavors that will resonate well with fans of the brewery. Pendulum IPA replaces First Kiss IIPA in the year-round lineup for 3 Sheeps.

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