Sixpoint Brewery announces shift to ‘Global Warming’ Red

It may be the calm before the storm, but no one can deny the beer climate is changing. Season(al)s are creeping, traditional styles are melting down, and storm clouds are rolling in. Sounds like it’s time for an updated formulation — a different sort of winter warmer for a changing globe. An unfiltered, hop-intensified “Global Warmer” unfiltered Red Ale from Sixpoint Brewery should do the trick. Or, we could kid ourselves and deny the whole thing…

…how did we end up in this situation? Plenty of blame to go around for sure, but we’re going to have to formulate our way out of this mess. Beer climates change, seasons creep but the liquid must remain cyc. Hey man, it is all about the %*@#ing formulation. Now that’s Mad Science.

Global Warmer is 7.0 percent ABV and 70 IBUs.


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