Migration Unveils Semi Hemi Dry-Hopped Pils

Migration Brewing is releasing their Semi Hemi Dry Hopped Pilsner on Friday July 31st. Available on draft and in six packs from their two Portland-based pubs, this light-bodied, crisp pilsner carries notes of lime, tropical fruit, white grape, and fresh pine.

Coming in at 4.6% ABV and 25 IBUs, Semi Hemi is an easy-drinking summer beer, elevated by the unique artwork on which the label is designed. Crafted by local creative Matty Byloos, this package release is the first brew sporting Migration’s new Limited Series can artwork. Each label in the upcoming series features a unique piece from Byloos’s studio as an integral part of the design.

“My painting process is so much about discovery — letting materials mingle and contribute their own magic to the end result, and letting the artwork be its own adventure,” states Byloos. “It makes a ton of sense to bring these images into Migration’s design portfolio. Just as each painting is unique, so is the beer inside the can.”

Byloos is the founder of Portland-based Novel Creative Agency. Novel’s dedicated team has provided creative assets, including all can packaging, for Migration Brewing for the past four years. Byloos has been a painter for many years and first shared this passion with Migration Brewing when he designed and executed a mural at their Gresham Production Facility. You can see more of Byloos’ work at @kungpaocobra on Instagram.

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