West Sixth Brewing Releases Two New Beers Ahead of Labor Day

West Sixth Brewing, one of Kentucky’s largest craft breweries, has announced two new strategically important beers that will both be available ahead of the Labor Day Weekend.

Sixer Light Lager is a new year-round easy drinking light lager that the West Sixth team hopes will become everyone’s favorite beer for everything from social occasions like tailgating and backyard BBQs to the reward you give yourself after a few hours of yard work. Of course, Sixer Light Lager will be available in six packs – but West Sixth is banking on the early success of pre-sales of 12 packs into larger chain stores to serve as an indicator for how the beer will be widely received and marketed. 

“From a strategic standpoint, it helps us considerably to offer a year-round light lager,” said Kelly Hieronymus, Marketing & Creative Director at West Sixth Brewing. “I won’t say lagers are going to unseat IPAs as the best-selling style of craft beer, but having something that almost takes less of a craft approach may be a way to re-introduce ourselves to a newer audience. We’re betting a lot of our current customers are going to be happy to see this one, as well – we’re even going to be kicking off a daily six o’clock happy hour at all of our taprooms in honor of Sixer.” 

Burning Daylight is a big double IPA that officially joined the West Sixth lineup of flagship beers at the brewery’s annual IPA Fest, which this year was on August 12th. Although the beer has been available since 2022 in small, draft-only batches in West Sixth taprooms, Burning Daylight will now be offered year-round in six-packs and the 19.2 ounce stovepipe cans that West Sixth has seen such success with at music venues and stadiums. At 9.5% ABV, this Citra and Mosaic-dominated hop bomb brings big flavors but drinks smooth. 

“If you know one thing about West Sixth Brewing, it’s that we love our IPAs,” said Andy Smith, head brewer at West Sixth. “Our original IPA is our best-seller and can be found on draft, in six packs, twelve packs, and 19.2 ounce cans in every corner of the state. But we’ve never had a year-round Double IPA and saw an opportunity to make something that would compete well in a market. Now they won’t have to wait for the next IPA Fest to get their hands on some Daylight.” 

With both releases, West Sixth Brewing is sending a message to customers that even after a decade of enjoying success as one of Kentucky’s most successful craft breweries, they continue to listen to their fans and craft new beers that everyone can enjoy. 

For more info about this release and other updates on West Sixth Brewing, follow them on Instagram at @westsixth or online at https://www.westsixth.com/

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