Some Unwritten Rules For Breweries…Written Down

Baseball has its “unwritten rules” book. So does the craft beer industry. Using the cloak of anonymity, a few people shared their views on what is “tut-tutted” in the industry.

A Marketing and Sales Manager said their brewery has strict beliefs in how they market things. Even in the stormy seas of social media and mass marketing, there is an unparalleled perfection in organic growth and patience.

“We target marketing campaigns that are organic,” said the marketing and sales manager. “This limits us in a lot of ways, but the greatest benefit is the grounding effect it has on growth. As we build a fanbase we can keep on pace. We steer away from mass promotion, print advertising and gimmicks; our goal being the long term gain of a friend or fan.”

This person noted that if a campaign brings in all customers with a promotion or giveaway, the brewery can’t be sure if they’ve been effective in its marketing strategies.


A Director of Brewing Operations said the biggest unwritten rule that they see broken is bad beer being released to the marketplace.

The craft beer industry is at an interesting point in its development. We see more and more buy outs and consolidation within the industry, which makes many come to the realization that it’s not just fun and games. Craft beer is a thriving business venture.

“As an industry that exploded and thrived on the spirits of camaraderie, innovation and collaboration, now we find ourselves becoming increasingly protective of trade secrets, industry and process knowledge, and business relationships,” said the director of brewing operations. “Every pint of craft beer from every craft brewery is a reflection on our entire industry.”

Losing a few thousand dollars in sales because a batch isn’t up to quality is well worth the loss since it could mean the loss of a new fan of craft beer.

We’d love to share more “unwritten rules” or things that you think need to be changed in the craft beer industry. Write us: [email protected].

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